[Tutor] Re: Hit Counter

Leighton Pritchard lep@aber.ac.uk
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:17:58 +0100

Hi Jon et al,

<!--#include file="filename"--> and
<!--#exec cgi="cgiscript"--> are both valid SSI directives. The problems 
with server side includes are twofold:

Not all servers allow SSIs. In this case, neither instruction works.

Servers that allow SSIs do not always allow you to use the exec directive - 
you can turn this off in the config files, or in .htaccess. Here, the first 
directive will work (i.e. plonk the plaintext contents of filename into the 
page), but the second won't. Which is probably the situation you're in.

Have a look at:


for more info.

I think Charlie's earlier advice is probably the pragmatic way to go for you.

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