[Tutor] How to make foreign characters

Sheila King sheila@thinkspot.net
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 12:05:30 -0700

Hello, I need some advice and pointers:

I've been teaching my 15 year old son his first programming language. (A
good summertime project while off from school) Of course, Python.

Anyhow, the project we are working on right now, is a french/english
vocabulary quiz, that asks you random words (either french or english)
and then you supply the translation. (I hope we will get some use out of
this in the coming school year.)

And now the question:

How does one make the foreign characters in French (and other foreign
languages). Like the accent symbols, or the "c" with the funny doo-hicky
on the bottom? I figure it has something to do with Unicode, but I
looked at the Unicode module documentation, and still didn't understand
how I could get started typing symbols like that.

I want it to be fairly easy to display and to type the special
characters in this quiz game.

Sheila King