[Tutor] MySQL mangling & list subscription question

Rob Andrews rob@jam.rr.com
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:56:38 -0500

An associate recently stopped heckling Python for just long enough to
look at some Python code and has now fallen insanely in love with the
language. (He's a PHP man, historically.)

However, he told me he's been unable to subscribe to the Tutor list
because of the problems with www.python.org and asked me to forward this
query to the list.

# Rob we are trying to display the customer information in a form.
# 1. How do we pull specific customer records from the data base
# 2. assign the data to a variable
# 3. display the variable in the form and change the variable
# in the record.

For a little context, he is trying to pull data from a MySQL database
and assign it to a variable in Python. I can do a fair bit of Python and
a little SQL, but I've yet to mix the two. Can anyone point to some
current resources or show a quick example I can pass on?


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