[Tutor] foreign lists

Charlie Clark Charlie Clark <charlie@begeistert.org>
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 17:39:11 +0200

>is it possible to access a list from another file and save whatever changes 
>are made to the list after the original program has been run?  i made a 
>simple book database which matches book titles with certain attributes each 
>book contains.  i want to be able to create the main list of books and have 
>my program access that list.  i also want any additions made to the list to 
>be changed in that foreign list, so that next time the program is run, the 
>list will include the new addition.  right now, though, i have it so that 
>each time the program runs, it starts with a blank list.  any suggestions???  
>if anyone wants the code, i'll be happy to post that also.

It's not clear to me at least what you mean. Your catalogue is a text file? 
Along the lines of
title; author; publication date; category

Please specific about what you want your program to do:
add books to the list....

I don't understand at all what you mean by 'foreign list'. As long as you can 
access the catalogue file you can make copies of it and do whatever you want 
with those copies.

Please send what code you have.