[Tutor] Form action with python script

Tom Jenkins tjenkins@devis.com
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 12:37:07 -0400

Sabrina wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm working with a Python Script in Zope but I'm having some problems. 
> I'm trying to call a python script in a "form action" because I have to 
> make some calculations with some values of this form. I call like this: 
> <form name="form1" action="/a/_/python_script/">
> but normally a form action calls another page.
> So, the question is: I'd like to call a python script and, in this 
> script, make a redirect to another page(url). Can I do that??
> I hope you can help me :)
> Sorry if I'm not being clear!
> Sabrina Araujo.

Hello Sabrina,
just so you know, there is a zope mailing list (very high traffic) that 
you can subscribe to on zope.org.

Now, you want to call a python script.  i'm assuming that this is a 
python script on the file system (an external python script) as opposed 
to a Python Script in the zope object database.  To call the external 
script you have to wrap it with a zope object (external method).  In the 
zope management screen, add an External Method.  The paragraph you get 
when adding the External Method is pretty straightforward.  The one 
thing you must do is put your .py file in zope's Extensions directory.

here is a pretty good How-To: 

hope this helps

Tom Jenkins
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