[Tutor] Pippy

Blake.Garretson@dana.com Blake.Garretson@dana.com
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 08:54:28 -0400

>From: "Timothy M. Brauch" <tbrauch@mindless.com>
>Has anyone used Pippy?  How similar/different is it to Python?  I am
>getting ready to upgrade my computer, and I get a free Palm computer
>from the store I am buying most of my new hardware.  I wondered if I'd
>be able to sit down and write out and test programs for use in the real
>world on my Palm?

I've used Pippy 0.6 and recently Pippy 0.7.  They are using Python version
1.5.2+ which has string methods.  The web site says they are planning a 2.0
upgrade.  It is very cool, however, it's not especially useful just yet.
With the latest release, you can import Python code from the Memo pad, so
reusing code is now possible.  That was a big step IMO.  The main problems
with Pippy (for me anyway) are that it lacks floating point numbers and
interactive input.  Input must generally come from "files" in the form of
Memo notes.  As far as floats go, you obviously can't do any real math
without them, and that's mostly what I use Python for.

Pippy has some real potential though.  There is talk of being able to make
Palm GUI's with it someday.  Even with Pippy's current shortcomings, how
cool is running any version of Python in the palm of your hand?

Blake Garretson