[Tutor] Object Oriented References? and a couple of question s <--LONG

Steven Burr sburr@mac.com
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 23:16:47 -0700

On Monday, August 13, 2001, at 03:34 AM, alan.gauld@bt.com wrote:

>> On Saturday, August 11, 2001, at 11:25 AM, alan.gauld@bt.com wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be more consistent with OO design to
>> allow "makeMeal" to call the "gather" method of any object that
>> implements it?

Sheesh.  In retrospect that has a pretty arrogant ring to it, coming 
from a dilettante like me.  Sorry.  I didn't intend it that way, and I 
appreciate the good-natured response.

> Thats what I did, I just didn't specify where/how the pantry
> should be set.

OK.  I see that now.

>> lunch = cook1.makeMeal("tuna fish sandwich", source1)
> I'd suggest any intelligent cook should know where to
> find his ingredients, he wouldn't expect the diner to
> tell him!

We sometimes bring our ingredients with us, but I forget that not every 
family is as eccentric as ours.  : )

Thanks again!