[Tutor] sockets broken on New Install???

Sheila King sheila@thinkspot.net
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 16:25:18 -0700

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:09:01 -0600 (MDT), Bruce Sass
<bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>  wrote about Re: [Tutor] sockets broken
on New Install???:

:On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Sheila King wrote:
:> On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 12:20:11 -0600 (MDT), Bruce Sass
:> :On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Sheila King wrote:
:<...the text version of Sheila trearing her hair out...>

Yeah, well I've been meaning to get it cut. Now I don't have to!

:> I'm beside myself, now. <sigh>
:iirc, this system has a Python-1.5 installed...

Hot dang, you have a memory. I'm fully impressed. Yes, they do have 1.5

:are there /usr/lib/python1.5/config/Setup* files, do they contain the
:proper paths for includes and libraries.

I grabbed their Setup file for 1.5 and here are the pertinent lines from
that file:

socket socketmodule.c	# socket(2); not on ancient System V
#_socket socketmodule.c	# socket(2); use this one for BeOS sockets
errno errnomodule.c	# posix (UNIX) errno values

# The crypt module is now disabled by default because it breaks builds
# on many systems (where -lcrypt is needed), e.g. Linux (I believe).
crypt cryptmodule.c -lcrypt	# crypt(3); needs -lcrypt on some

As you can see, they haven't installed sockets with the SSL enabled.

:Generally, I've been able to do
:	./configure && make && make test && make install
:then go back and do a series of edit Setup -> make -> manual testing
:cycles, with a final "make install" when I get tired or have gotten as
:far as I can get.  There should be no need to trash previous work
:(fight your Windows heritage :-).

LOL. Thanks. After a day like today, I needed a good laugh. Actually, I
did learn some really nice *nix things today. I think I understand grep
a little better, and that locate tool is handy, too.

I'm going to ask the sysadmin about the whole sockets/SSL issue. Given
that all the libraries seem to be there and available for use, I can't
understand why it won't compile. (The directory paths all seem to what
the Python installer would expect, too.)

Thanks for your help,

Sheila King