[Tutor] Simple text transform with an RE

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:06:46 -0400

Hello all...

I need to learn more about regular expressions. A quick answer to this
should help...

I have a text file of database field names - about 90 of them - one on a
line ended with a line break.
I need to build something with an RE to read each field from the file, then
add parts to each field like "ALTER TABLE ADD ....field_name " at the
beginning and other things to the end of the field name. So, I am trying to
build a SQL statement from the list of field names. A few have to be changed
by hand but not a big deal.

Also needed...a link to RE examples. Its one thing to read the syntax and
quite another to gleam actual uses from them. Real world examples really
help and anything offered would be greatly appreciated.