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Oh That site is great...

Something that will point me to all the different options so that I can
compare and contrast!  Thanks!

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:Actually, Python Server Pages (PSP) was just a python CGI script the
:last time I looked at it.  I allows you to embed python in your HTML
:(with certain tags to identify it). 

Actually, there are something like three different projects right now,
referring to themselves as Python Server Pages. One of them is a cgi.
One of them does, apparently, use Java.

>From this page:

I quote:
The PSP Confusion

Several parties have introduced modules, frameworks and components
referring to "Python server pages" and have named them similarly. It is
advised that developers be attentive to the origin of such software as
well as the name in order to avoid confusion over the different *SP
systems available to Python developers.


Also on that same page are links to several of these different 'PSP'

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