Epoch7: programmer newbie from hell.(formerly Re: [Tutor] Callable? What's Callable?)

epoch7 epoch7@charter.net
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 18:35:29 -0400

i decided to chance the topic cause i got so many posts and cc's i could
hardly keep track.
i hope no one else posts as many questions as i do cause if they do my
mailbox will always be full,
but then again i might learn something. ive taken the suggestions of
everyone here and redid alot of the code
with varying levels of success, why not take a look:

import re
import string

file1 = raw_input("Name of file to convert: ")
file2 = raw_input("Name of file to output to: ")
in_file = open(file1, "r")
out_file = open(file2, "w")
file_text = in_file.read()
regex = re.compile('url=(\w*)&', re.IGNORECASE)
matches = re.findall(regex,file_text)

alright this code is looking mighty hardcore for me at the moment. and i
thank you for all your help, but now i have to ask
one more question: why when i run the program do i get no output? i don't
get any errors, but now i get a 0kb txt file
when it finishes. is there something wrong in the compile function(it is a
function right?)?