[Tutor] NT/2000 Administration

The Chinese Chicken chikitychina@home.com
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 21:22:42 -0400

Hey all,

This question isn't really a request for help but more for advice.  I am
trying to learn a scripting language to automate some NT administration
tasks across a domain (Installing applications, copying files, registry
edits, managing user accounts and such). The ability to compile these
scripts into tamper-proof .exe's is very important.  

I have taken a hard look at a few different languages (Win Batch,
VBScript, Perl, and others), and because of the amount of time it will
take to learn any one of them,  I would like to ask whether anyone uses
Python in this reqard and what they think about it. 

Please help me make an educated decision,

Pablo Manzanera