[Tutor] RE: THANKS (Functions !)

Dutch dutch@lilrc.org
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:39:56 -0400 (EDT)

I just wnated to thank everyone for their help with my functions question
(I will has it all out today).  I have never had as helpful support from
any other source.

Having messed with C, Perl, and Bash scripting (and never really staying
with it past page ~50), I am having fun with Python.

C seemed nice with its power & small number of commands, Perl seemed
popular but was confusing in that there were far too many ways of doing
things, Bash seemed useful, but I never really knew of anyone
"programming" in Bash. 

Not a professional programmer or any formal training, I'm finding Python
is perfect for me. 

-World-wide popularity; that is, Im not wasting my time 
-Broad enough scope to write tiny scripts or all out OOP
-Easy to learn (hey - Im still with it and THAT says something!)
-Its a lot of fun:
	I have fun writing little examples
	I'll have fun writing bigger programs later
	I can use it under windows and of course Linux
	I feel like I'm doing something real

Anyway, thanks and I'm sure I'll have more questions as I dive deeper.

David van Popering
slackware Linux

Only Microsoft could come up with the following Zen diagnostic message,
more appropriate for a fortune cookie than a computer:

        "An unnamed file contains an invalid path."