[OT] BASIC Factoid (was Re: [Tutor] Functions !)

Glen Wheeler wheelege@tsn.cc
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:07:57 +1000

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> >   Ha ha, yes yes the good old days...man you have me winding back the
> > I was but a little 'un all the way back then too.  I still remember
> > about 10 years old pumping in a hexadecimal Q-Bert game from a C64 mag
> >   Damn, wish I still had that thing.
> What's it worth to you... I got three sitting around (one even has a
> RTC, extra I/O hacked into the address space, and all the bits needed
> to bump it up to a C256 or C512.  :-)

  Well, it's not worth as much as that beast will probably cost me :)
  But seriously, I've already got somebody offering me a C64 just for
shipping - and since I did read his e-mail first...well, ya know.  I'm sure
another nostalgic python-er will come along wanting a C64 in no time.

  Thanks anyway,