[Tutor] Why I'm learning Python (OT and long)

Lloyd Kvam lkvam@venix.com
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 11:41:03 -0400

Please don't sell yourself short.  Logically, Access, MySQL and Oracle are not that far apart.  For a DataBase Administrator they are very different.  But a lot of those differences do not impact your programs.

Most of the Systems Analysts that I know are terrible programmers.  They can not manage the nitty-gritty details that clutter up the big picture when you actually code in C or COBOL or VB or whatever.  Their job is really to make sure the programmers
actually wrote code that does what was intended.  Python's nice in that the details are MUCH easier to manage than almost any other language that I have used.  

If you can describe what you are doing in reasonable English, you are half way to having a Python program - just turn the English into an indented outline, get rid of articals and extra words, stick in the :'s where needed and it can be amazingly
close to working code.  When you find yourself repeating the same stuff, you know you should be making a class or function to hold that stuff.  Small Python programs almost seem to tell me how to code them.

I would be happy to review a reasonable chunk of code and offer my opinions and suggestions.  Just remember (as they say in Perl land), there really is more than way to do it.  Any suggestions that I offer should be taken as reflecting my habbits and
style of doing things.  Don't feel bound to take them too seriously.

Bill Tolbert wrote:
> .....
> haven't fooled myself. Sure I can get by in Access/VB. But I know
> Access is kid stuff compared to Oracle and MySQL. I want to write
> solutions for non-MS platforms; I want to understand the difference between
> bound and unbound methods; I want to understand other people's code; I
> want to be Danny Yoo!!!
> Bill
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