A good Tk widgets tutorial (was: Re: [Tutor] Why I'm learning Python (OT and long))

Simon Brunning SBrunning@trisystems.co.uk
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 10:59:47 +0100

> From:	Sheila King [SMTP:sheila@thinkspot.net]
> and I had Core Python Programming and the Quick Python book (both of
> which have only a small "intro" chapter on Tkinter). But, when I finally
> got my copy of Programming Python, ...WOW!. Four whole chapters devoted
> to Tkinter, and then it weaves its way into much of the rest of the
> book, as well. And I have to say, the nicest, clearest explanations that
> *I've* seen on Tkinter. (Granted, I don't have the Grayson book that
> always seems to get mentioned when someone asks about Tkinter...probably
> because it is the only book exclusively on the topic of Tkinter. I can't
> compare that to Programming Python.)
Seconded. FWIW, I got the Greyson book first, and I couldn't make head nor
tail of it. After reading Programming Python, and having a play[1], I got
that hang of basic Tkinter programming, *then* the Greyson book made sense.
It's got lots of good staff in it, towards the advanced end. Also, the
Tkinter and PMW reference is good to have to hand.

Seems to me that the Greyson book would be good if you already know how GUI
programming works, and want to learn how to do it using Python and Tkinter.
Programming Python works even if you've never programmed a GUI before.

Simon Brunning
TriSystems Ltd.
[1] BTW, don't underestimate the importance of playing. Play a *lot*.

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