[Tutor] MySQL for Windows

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:58:20 -0400

A great PC based tool I found for MySQL is called mysqlfront.  Wonderful!
...and free!
And if you use the MyODBC part also, another very handy ODBC-anything tool
is called AQT - Advanced Query Tool. It costs a few bucks but WELL worth it.
The combo of the two tools makes working with MySQL a pleasure. MySQL plays
very nicely with Zope too.



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>If you want to learn SQL, get a Linux sytem and try
>out PostgreSQL or MySQL.  (I don't think they are availble for
>Windows, but they are Free).

Note:  MySQL *is* available for Windows, including
95/98/Me (i.e. not just NT).  I have MySQL on my
Windows box and have successfully used in with

Windows 95/98/Me users might also want to check out
Savant as a personal web server (free), for playing
around with Python cgi etc. (I don't recommend serving
on the open internet with these insecure OSes).

I find Savant cleaner and easier the PWS 4.0 (personal
web server), which 95/98/Me users can extract from one
of the NT service packs (see MSFT website) for free
(and IIS costs of course).  PWS has some install glitches
in ME especially.

SQL by itself doesn't require Python of course and many
MSFT/Windows products use it in some way, often a
variant or dialect.


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