[Tutor] Apache (was MySQL) for Windows

dman dsh8290@rit.edu
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 13:10:41 -0400

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 09:52:03AM -0700, Kirby Urner wrote:
| >If you want to learn SQL, get a Linux sytem and try
| >out PostgreSQL or MySQL.  (I don't think they are availble for
| >Windows, but they are Free).
| Note:  MySQL *is* available for Windows, including
| 95/98/Me (i.e. not just NT).  I have MySQL on my
| Windows box and have successfully used in with
| Python.

Ok, MySQL is available for windows.  Linux is still a good platform to
get :-).

| Windows 95/98/Me users might also want to check out
| Savant as a personal web server (free), for playing
| around with Python cgi etc. (I don't recommend serving
| on the open internet with these insecure OSes).

FWIW Apache is also available for windows.  I had set it up once
(win98) but didn't do much with it.  I think it may require cygwin,
but I'm not sure (it can be run from inetd if you do have cygwin

| SQL by itself doesn't require Python of course and many
| MSFT/Windows products use it in some way, often a
| variant or dialect.

Right, PostgreSQL comes with a little app called 'psql' which is a
shell that can be used to practice SQL commands.