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Sun, 02 Dec 2001 02:25:26 -0500

I like the extensibility of python. I see you can evern write your own
modules and have them available as optional extensions for use at need,
which I like. Reminds me of a fun thing, a strange state of mind, or
state of computer, called FORTH.

Ah, forth. A top down bottom up compiling interpeting language, stack
oriented, and using reverse polish notation, infinately exensible, with
all possible and not yet existing asembly language as a subset of the


Helloworld in forth:

:helloworld ."Hello world!" ;

By the time your mind registered the movement of the cursor, it was

now add to it:
:better CLR 3 do[helloworld];


OK means it finished executing with no problems, and is waiting for a
command. _ is the cursor.

That 'program' is A WORD, and is used in the definition of other words.
It has to exist before it can be used in other words, so this is bottom
up. But we conceive and write top down, from most general to most
specific, so we use the editor to write the source file FROM THE BOTTOM
OF THE FILE, with the most general definitions, and above them
sucessively define more and more detailed specific functions. Then we
compile. Doint it interactive mode is a little hairyier. 

Leo Brodie wrote (Thinking Forth? [He wrote severalbooks on it, is one
of the prime suspects responsible for the language]) in one of his books
that it is so different that beginners pick it up much easier than
experienced programmers. Experienced programmers tend to go a little
banannas trying to grok forth. It is agglutinative, like Hawaiian or

As an example, the German word for glove is translated in it's parts as
'hand & shoe'. Hawaiian is much easier to pronounce, and has a very
useful body of metaphors in it in their system of mysticism- HUNA. As
all programs are in fact new WORDS, and are defined in terms of
primitives and other existing WORDS, there are words of power.
Primitives are written in assembler- elements or 'spirits'. Were I to
write forth in hawaiian I would call it HUNA (after the Hawaiian system
of mysticism) and a master of it a Kahuna. As could then have fun with
all the bits about places of power, elements and spirits, words of
power, kahunas, the great kahuna, etc. But I digresss from the subject

A search at yahoo would prove fruitful for those wishing to read about
or play with forth. there is a compiler versionout there with integrated
devlopment environment. Turns out NICE TIGHT code- I used it to write a
hello world, free standing. 453 bytes.

Microsoft C took 47K. Someone slap bill gates around with a largemouth

Will slack off for sunday and do errands, get book from library monday.
Expect more rom me monday night. 

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