[Tutor] Re: How to compare text?

Guenter Kruschina G.Kruschina@gmx.de
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 21:27:02 +0100

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> Hello,
> How can I compare of one  parragraph of text with another
> paragraph?Each paragraph can have about 100 words.
> For example I have the first paragraph
> I want to be very good at Python programming. Better than in Perl.
> THe second paragraph might look loke this:
> She works all day long to master Perl.
> All that I need is to find out if any of word from the second is in the 
> first paragraph. For the example above I should find out word
> Perl
> What is the best and quickest way?
> Thank you for help.
> Ladislav
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Hallo Ladislav, I have written a small progam, which will work as you expe=
ct. I 
hope so. I think this is a fast way to compare two paragraphs.


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def CreateDict(par):
   #Remove some chars
   for char in ('.',';',','):
        par = par.replace(char,"")
   words = par.split(' ')                                   
   dPar = {}
   for word in words:
       dPar[word] = 1

   return dPar       

def Diff(par1,par2):
    dPar1 = CreateDict(par1) 
    dPar2 = CreateDict(par2)
    lCommon = [] 
    for word in dPar2.keys():
        if dPar1.has_key(word):
    return lCommon    

def main(): 
    lCommonWords = Diff("I want to be very good at Python programming. Better than in Perl.",
        "She works all day long to master Perl.")        
    print "Common Words: ", lCommonWords