[Tutor] Division

Kirby Urner urnerk@qwest.net
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 16:42:22 -0800

>If you want to use programming as part of another topic then
>use new division but if you want to teach programming
>principles stick to old style - its much more univesally
>applicable and infornative IMHO.
>Alan G

Not so sure about this in light of Tim's recent remark:

    Actually, truncating integer division is largely confined
    to C and Fortran and their derivatives.  The list of
    languages that don't truncate starts with Algol 60 and
    Lisp, and includes JavaScript, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP,
    Smalltalk, AWK, Prolog, Pascal, COBOL, ABC, and Python
    with -Qnew <wink>.

Seems one can justify going either way, even if "programming
principles" is the yardstick.