[Tutor] Blank line added after reading a line from a file

Kelly, Phelim KellyPhe@logica.com
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 12:29:55 -0000

(I'll try this again!)

I have a small probelm, hope you can help. I'm reading text from an external
file into a python program as follows: 

filename = raw_input("Enter the filename to read from: "); 
in_file = open(filename,"r")
while p < 4:
   text = in_file.readline()
   list[p]=text #list is an array which stores the content of each line read

   p = p + 1

The problem I have is that the text that is stored in variable 'text' isn't
simply the contents of one line of the file, another blank line is appended
onto the end, which causes problems for the rest of the program, so instead
of this, 
line read in from file 

I get this, 

line read in from file 

Can anyone tell me the command used to get rid of the extra blank line added
Thanks in advance, 

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