[Tutor] PYTHONPATH - PATHS, again

Israel Evans israel@lith.com
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 08:45:47 -0800

I have found that PYTHONPATH is very much like PATH, but it is not the same
thing.  It is normal and correct to have both.  PYTHONPATH seems to be to
python what PATH is to the rest of the system only tailored to be specific
to Python.

You can set PYTHONPATH the same way PATH is set in the AUTOEXEC.BAT, or if
you are using winNT/2k/xp you can go to Start Menu/ Settings/ Control Panel/
System/Advanced /Environment Variables/  and once there you can set up a new
System Variable called PYTHONPATH.  Make sure it follows the format of the
other variables but include all of the locations you want to run Python

Hope that Helps and is All correct.  


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I have seen reference to PYTHONPATH in various websites, specifically 
having to do with module set up. What is PYTHONPATH? How is it used?

Incidentally, I relate this to the PATH statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT in 
the DOS/Windows environment, but I am not sure if they are the same.

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