[Tutor] string conversion and formatters

Jean Montambeault jrm@videotron.ca
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:42:13 +0200

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From: "Spiffy" <clams17@yahoo.com>

> Hello! I am just beginning to learn programming and
> Python. I am teaching myself using online tutorials
> and documentation. Concerning output formatters...as
> in "%d", "%s", etc. I know I have seen a listing of
> all the types somewhere in the documentation, but for
> the life of me I cannot relocate it. Where can I find
> it?

    If you really want the lowdown on the subject go to Guido's tutorial
(found under help/python documentation in IDLE) at section 7. When you
finish that I doubt that you'll have any ? on the subject anymore.

Jean M.