[Tutor] Is there a heaven for old instances ?

Jean Montambeault jrm@videotron.ca
Sun, 9 Dec 2001 19:43:42 +0200

    I wonder :
        when I re-assing a variable like this :
            a="Couldn't you make up you mind ?"
    the old values (e.g. 3 and 4) are destroyed or so I read. (BTW is that
what "garbage collection" does ?).

    Now if I create and instance, let's say this way:
        instance1=Button(somewhere, lots of options or none)
    and then for some (stupid?) reason I go:
        instance1=Button(somewhere_else_or_not, new options_maybe)
    what happens to the first instance which is much more complex than a
simple variable ?

    Jean M.