[Tutor] screen display commands

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Sun, 9 Dec 2001 21:53:59 -0500

On Sun, Dec 09, 2001 at 07:13:25PM +0200, Jean Montambeault wrote:
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| > Where can i find the syntax for screen commands?
| > Such als displaying/inputing text on a specific place on computer-screen?
| > Colors, blinking and so on.
If you want a text screen look at the 'curses' module.  It is
available only for Unix systems, but cygwin on windows has curses
support too (you'll need a python built with cygwin, 2.1 comes

| -wxPython : pretty face, supposed to be easier to program but not
| available for Mac.

wxPython is a nice consistent interface around the native toolkit.
That is, on windows is looks just like other windows apps, and on *nix
it looks just like other GTK or Motif apps (depending on the users
version).  A Mac port is in the works, but I'm not up on the status of

| -pyGTK and pyKDE: for flavors of Unixes mostly, if I'm not mistaking.

There is actually 4 different frameworks mentioned here :



PyGTK and PyQt work on Unix and Windows.  GTK and Qt are GUI toolkits,
not entire desktop environments.

I expect PyKDE to work since I have personally run KDE (1.1.2) on
Windows (with cygwin and xfree).  Someone got GNOME to run on windows,
but I haven't gotten it to compile.  Typically GNOME and KDE are Unix
desktop environments.

If you use PyGTK or PyGNOME, then take a look at the 'glade' program
and the 'libglade' library.  It greatly simplifies making a GUI.



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