[Tutor] defining functions

Kirk Bailey highprimate@howlermonkey.net
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 2:3:11 -0500

Gang, in some languages you MUST define somethign before usign it, in others no, as long as it is defined 
SOMEPLACE, the language will find it and be cognisant of it (perl for instance). Must I list all definitions 
ABOVE the code using them in python, or can I bury them in the bottom? And do I have to take precautions to 
ensure the program does not execute them as it corses through the file? For instance, in BASIC, I must ensure 
the thing exits before it arrives at lines defining subroutines ( ancestral opbjects). If it falls through the 
end of the program to these definitions, it trys to execute them- then arrives at a return and BARFS IT'S 
COOKIES beause there was no matching gosub. In PASCAL one must define anything and everything before using it- 
a true BONDAGE AND DISIPLINE language If I ever avoided one. Gimmee a clue or two on these issues, would you?


In total confusion,
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