[Tutor] Is there a heaven for old instances ?

alan.gauld@bt.com alan.gauld@bt.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 11:40:30 -0000

>     Now if I create and instance, let's say this way:
>         instance1=Button(somewhere, lots of options or none)
>     and then for some (stupid?) reason I go:
>         instance1=Button(somewhere_else_or_not, new options_maybe)
>     what happens to the first instance which is much more 

First its not any more complex from Python's point of view 
- its just a reference to an object.

BUT because you are presumably referring to Tkinter buttons here you will 
when you created themn have passed a parent object as the first parameter. 
That Parent keeps a reference to its children, thus although you lost your 
reference(instance1) the parent keeps its and the object is not destroyed 
until the parent is...

If you still have a reference to the parent you can access the children 
from there - but its a bit messy. You can go the other way to because 
the widget keeps a reference to its parent too.

Try creating a Frame, sticking some child widgets in it and then doing 
a dir() on the Frame and accessing some of the inyteresting properties...

Alan G.