[Tutor] Re: [python-win32] Problems with enviroment variable under W2000 and VC6++

Jorgensen, Jens jens.jorgensen@tallan.com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 18:25:07 -0600


Is your C++ code quite large? I have to say I've created a number of 
Python extension modules and I've always just built them by hand. Also 
there is that gui generation tool that will create the code skeleton for 
you. It really is easy.

Marcus Konermann wrote:

> Hi @ All !
> For now i tried a lot of things to tell SWIG where the lib directory 
> is, but after controlling by using the command "swig -swiglib"  every 
> time the output was " /usr/local/lib/swig1.3."
> So to solve this problem the only solution for me was to copy the four 
> fileīs (swig.swg, python.swg, common.swg, swig.exe) manually in the 
> working directory, but i donīt think that this was the right way. I 
> also tried to set the PATH to the lib directory under W2000 in the 
> enviroment variables, but nothing happend.
> The second problem for me is to set the right enviroment variable for 
> python2.1 in the windows 2000 sytem. I tried to use PYTHONPATH, 
> PYTHON_INCLUDE and PYTHON_LIB (like described in the SWIG manual 
> 1.3.9), but nothing happend while compiling under VC6++. The Linker 
> only says:
> /simanneal_wrap.cpp/
> /C:\simanneal_wrap.cpp(179) : fatal error C1083: Include-Datei kann 
> nicht geoeffnet werden: 'Python.h': No such file or directory/
> Please, i need help
> Greetings
> Marcus

Jens B. Jorgensen