[Tutor] Is IDLE prone to memory losses ?

Jean Montambeault jrm@videotron.ca
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 13:00:30 +0200

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From: "Jeff Shannon" <jeff@ccvcorp.com>
> This happens to me periodically in PythonWin as well, so it may not be a
specific IDLE bug, or it may be something that was borrowed from PythonWin
during the upgrade from
> 0.6 to 0.8  ;)

> the line that's displayed.  For instance, I counted nine lines from the
start of your file, and that's where the "for c in range[1,6]:" line was.  I
do not know why IDLE is
> displaying the wrong text for that line, though.  I suspect that it's
keeping a copy of an old version in memory, and displaying from that, but
this is just a wild guess.

    There : already finding someone that can repeat the experience helps a
lot. I can work around a bug while I can't around a mistake that I'd make
without being aware that I do.

> ;)  Did you just add that whole loop, then save & run it and got that

    Yes. Things get adjusted when I close the editing window I was using and
then reopen it.

> Perhaps this should be reported as a bug in IDLE?

    To do the right thing... hmmmmm...

> Jeff Shannon

    Thank you Jeff Shannon : it helped a lot.

Jean M.