[Tutor] startled

Kirk Bailey deliberatus@my995internet.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 01:40:05 -0500

Reviewing the accumulated debreis and layered writings of this list over
the last 2 weeks, I am startled to see how far I have come in learning a
new language part time from reading websites, and discussing in this
list. I started thinking about this when I wrote the post mentioning
taking definitions specific for the tinylist application, gathering them
together, and placing them into a module for it.

I must pay tribute to a friendly and very supportive populace on the
list, and salute you all for it; I also must declare this is at least in
part to the amazingly more acessable nature of this language over perl-
or just about anything else you may care to mention.

It, and this group, are simply amazing.

             -Kirk D Bailey (C)2001
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