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Kirk Bailey deliberatus@my995internet.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:08:37 -0500

> Blake Winton wrote:
> >
> > > ok, I read the page about reply-to, and I see there are good arguements
> > > for not doing this.
> > > I also know there are people who want to anyway. So, I made it optional
> >
> > That's almost always a good thing.  :)  (I like options.)
> >
> > > In the lists directory, if the file listname.replyto exists, it will set
> > > the header
> > > Reply-to: listname@domainname
> > > and if the file is NOT there, it will not.
> > > Good enough?
> >
> > That's kind of an odd way to do it.
 OK, so I'm odd, shoot me.
 Actually, I did it this way for several reasons:
 1. it was easy to implement without changing all the rest of the
    for sake of one feature.
 2. I have used this sort of thing with other applications and itwas
    to work with.
 3. in a future version, I can place CONTENT in the file, and define an
    alternate replyto address, such as the list owner.
> > Why don't you have a configuration file?
 First version of the program, and I am nerw to python, so doiing it
 was was simpler. In a future version, I will look into using a config
 file, along with some other remarkably mind numbing features and
 > Call it "listname.config", and then you could read it in, and exec
 > and it could set variables in a Pythonic manner.
 Right. And a backup global config file just in case?

 i.e. listname.config could contain:
 > replyto = true
 > to set the replyto to listname@domain, or:
 > replyto = "other-listname@other-domain"
 > if they wanted to reply to a different list...
 > Or anything else they wanted.  Just a thought.
 And a good one.
> > Myself, I prefer XML files for configuration.
> > <listConfig>
> >   <welcomeMessage>
> >     Yo, all!  Welcome to my new list!
> >
> >     Have fun!
> >     Your friendly neighbourhood list-admin.
> >   </welcomeMessage>
> >   <replyTo>other-listname@other-domain</replyTo>
> > </listConfig>
> >
> > But that's just me, and XML processing is definately
> > harder than the other options.  More interesting, in
> > a way, but harder.  More useful, too, but harder.
> >
 Regretfully, I have not studied xml. HTML, ssi, but not xml.
 Gotta do that after I finish rotohammering python through the calcium.
 And groking tar/gz. and snorting rfc822.py. And earning a living. and
 tending a sickly wife, 30 birds(parrots)...
 > In the mean time, I'm looking forward to seeing what
 > your program turns into.  Have you compared it with
 > the earlier versions?  Might be amusing...
 What earlier versions?
 Oh, the gaget as it grew to this? Not really.
 Inspired by several other MLM's, notably majordomo (majorcomplexity)
 minorfish. Regretfully
 Until I come up with it's first working complete incarnation, it's
 on the workbench.
 Already, I am scraping together ideas and roughing out code for the
 membership web manager. When that is done, I borrow some code from it,
 some from TLposttime, and smash them together into TLemail.py, the
 command processer module. Then write a doc, and smash it all together
 into a zip file (and a tarball if I ever learn how to properly use
 tar/gz- any tutorals out there gang?) and stick it on a website -
 www.tinylist.org. Gotta register the name.
 A man's reach should exceed his grasp.
> >
> > Later,
> > Blake.
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> Respectfully,
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Within the sweep of his sword, Each man is an Ubar.