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Jean Montambeault jrm@videotron.ca
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 18:16:51 +0200

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From: "Jean Montambeault" <jrm@videotron.ca>
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    Hmmmmm! I had a little time on my hands and tried this :
>>> os.access(r"c:\essai.py", os.R_OK)
>>> os.access(r"c:\essai.py", os.W_OK)

and it works, as you can see,  but:

>>> os.access("c:\essai.py", os.W_OK)
>>> os.access("c:\essasdafis.py", os.W_OK)

works too so the os module takes care of the backslash problem as it seems.
It wouldn't work for :
rich=open("c:\my file\ my beautiful file", "w")
you must use the "r" or "\\" with open() there.
That way I assumed that it would be the same for "os.access()"
and now I'm consumed by shame. :o(

This said, since it all works fine here, cut and paste your messages as
Danny suggested : the solution can't be very far.

    Jean M.