[Tutor] Global variables

Lee-Shanok, Bruce Bruce.Lee-Shanok@cognos.com
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 15:30:55 -0500

Hello all,

	I'm trying to declare a global variable to keep count of a value
without constantly passing it around. The problem I'm running into is =
it's not being recognized in any of my functions. The basic format is:

totalerrors =3D 0
def CheckErrors(statuscode):
	if statuscode < 0:
		totalerrors =3D totalerrors + 1
		print "Error with code",
		print statuscode

def RunTest():
	status =3D Func1()
	status =3D Func2()
	status =3D Func3()
	status =3D Func4()


.. is there any way for me to get totalerrors recognized? How does =
determine where the scope of the variable ends?

Bruce Lee-Shanok
Access Manager
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Cognos, Ottawa=20
[Riverside, 4th Floor, E9]

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