[Tutor] printing out the definition of a func

Blake Winton bwinton@tor.dhs.org
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 21:09:43 -0500

* alan.gauld@bt.com <alan.gauld@bt.com> [011220 20:25]:
> > I am pretty sure that you are asking too much.  Even in text mode,
> > you should be able to switch between different sessions.  Keep one
> > session in your editor window where the source file is visible.
> > Then have a Python session.  
> Maybe emacs -nw would be your best bet - then you can split the 
> screen in text mode, run a shell in one pane(running python) 
> and edit the code in the other pane. However emacs may be 
> as big a resource hog as X....

or screen...

And it's a little smaller than emacs...  ;)
 236404 Aug 18  1999 /usr/bin/screen
2878448 Sep 25  1999 /usr/bin/emacs

Of course, I'm still kind of surprised no-one's mentioned the
"dis" module yet.  It doesn't seem to be exactly what the original
poster wants, but it's a little closer...


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