[Tutor] list as a first class citizen in python? [languagecomparisons!]

Karthik Gurumurthy karthikg@aztec.soft.net
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 14:35:10 +0530

thanks ,
from your code snippet, the list thing in perl seems odd though.
everything gets flattened out in the end? unless i do somethign about it.
So this w'd work in perl then??

//function definition
def func(a,b):

args = [1,2]
//call function

so they don't need an apply as we do in python?
now am not sure which one is better. having learnt java first, i w'd go with
python :-)
am not qualified enough to make comparisons, but i was confused  by these
i found...

>This forces people to think about references, again
>So much for lists being first class citizens!

thanks. have to do a read up on the "first class" things though.