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Schollnick, Benjamin Benjamin.Schollnick@usa.xerox.com
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 13:16:42 -0500

There's several problems embeded here:

1) How do you tell that the files are the same?
	a) Filename?  - What if you changed the contents but not the name?
	b) Filesize?  - Which one is newer?
	c) Date/Time Stamp - Some transfer methods do not update the 
		date/time stamp.

2) How do you plan on transfering the files?  
	a) Http?
	b) FTP?
	c) Snailmail?
	d) SMB Mount?
	e) NFS Mount?

3) Are these out of a single directory?  Or a directory tree?

To point you part of the way, check the python demos for 

If you are going to be doing this via FTP then FTP mirror does take
date/time stamp into account.  (That's assuming I'm remembering correctly.)

		- Benjamin

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My program downloads  regularly some files and it takes some 
time so I need to shorten this downloading time. As most of these 
files are the same, many times when the program downloads these 
files, I  would like to  download only those that are not the same or 
are newer. What is the best solution?
Many thanks for help.

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