[Tutor] update a window with tkinter

dean dean@mndsolutions.de
26 Dec 2001 22:49:47 +0100

hi guys,

right, i just wanted to build a little bandwidth monitor to show the
current data rates coming in and out of my machine and to update itself
every few seconds.

after writing the script in php, i spent an unsuccessful day trying to
compile php-gtk.

then i though it would be quicker to learn python.i was right. i wrote
the script in an hour, but i haven't been able to get the gui working.
here's the problem:

i was using this loop (with the external function traffic_rate() which
grabs the data from ifconfig.

	i = 1
	while 1:		
		if i == 1:
			print string.rjust('In (Kb/s)' , 10), string.rjust('Out (Kb/s)', 10)
		rates = traffic_rate(3)
		inrate = rates[0]
		outrate = rates[1]
		inrate = float(inrate / 1024)
		outrate = float(outrate / 1024)
		inrate = fpformat.fix(inrate , 2)
		outrate = fpformat.fix(outrate , 2)
		print string.center(inrate , 10), string.center(outrate, 10)
		output = 'In: '+inrate+'Kb/s  Out: '+outrate+'Kb/s'
		status.set("%s", output)
		i = i + 1
		if i == 10:
			i = 1
except KeyboardInterrupt:

i used the following code to build the gui (i lifted the class StatusBar
straight from the tkinter tutorial at www.pythonware.com):

root =Tk()
frame = Frame(root)
frame.bind("<Button-1>", quitme)
status = StatusBar(root)
status.bind("<Button-1>", quitme)
status.pack(side=BOTTOM, fill=X)
text  = "Dean's bandwidth monitor"
status.set("%s", text)

now, as you probably saw, i used root.mainloop(3000) in my loop to get
it to update every 3 seconds, but none of the bindings work anymore. i
can't even close the window - i have to kill the app or ctrl-c the
console. however, if i use root.mainloop() anywhere, the bindings work
and i can close the app, but my loop doesn't run and the window never

how might i solve this problem?


p.s. unbelievable that it took me a full 2 days to program myself to an
impasse. what a cool language.