[Tutor] membership management

Kirk Bailey deliberatus@my995internet.com
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 16:56:23 -0500

ok. All functions go, all tests complete, it is as bulletproof as these
things ever get. I hammered on it hard, it still ticks. TLpost.py is a
going module, and as soon as Sean polishes for a little more speed it
goes to the public.

Now, we need a membership manager. I invite input and discussion. All
you email hounds, JUMP IN!

If I go both web and email, I want them as seperate modules. CHOICES is
our watchword, and I want toe users to be aboe to go web, email, or
both, as they favor. Therefore, I request suggestions, advice, etc on
any/all. If you preferr to email me direct, go for it.

             -Kirk D Bailey (C)2001
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