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Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:57:02 -0700

On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, Ted R. wrote:

> > hello my name is ted and i have a few questions about pyhton. i have never
> worked with programing but i have worked with computers for a while. i am
> 15 so i have done more jovinial "cracking" like gameshark codes and
> gameshark hacking etc. after a while i got bored so i dicided to go into
> somthing were i could expand to a future carrier, so i started to look at
> computer programing, and a herd that python was the easieats and all around
> best. but to my question do you know any were it gives more "hands on
> traingin" and more in depth help.
> also i cannot get this program to work maby you can tell me whats wrong?
> >>>input("what is your name?") if ted print"hello ted" else: print"who are
> >>> you?"
> thank you
>                TeD

Try:  name = raw input("what is your name?")
            if name == ted;
                print "Hello ted"
                print "who are you"

Make sure you use the proper indentation for your if else statements and use 
"raw input" for a string, "input" for an integer.
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