[Tutor] RE...Two Questions.........from PRJoshi

Pravin Raj Joshi prjoshi@ntc.net.np
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 18:25:12 +0530

I have a couple of questions.
1. I am currently using the latest realese of Python(Python 2.2). It does
not support the import command for my script i.e. when I divide my program
into a series of classes and keep each class in a new page, I cannot import
the pages to other pages. I get a message which says that module is not
found. I had the same problem with Python 2.2 beta. Can anyone tell me what
am I doing wrong.

2. I want to change the icon of my Tkinter program window. I read somewhere
that the icon in a root window cannot be changed. So I changed all my
windows to a Toplevel window and still I cannot change the icons. I copied
the code that is available for tkSimpleDialog (root/python/lib/lib-tk) and
tried and still it does not work. But the code works in the
SimpleDialog(changes icon to whatever is written in the title).

Please let me know of any solutions.