[Tutor] Config files & getopt()

ccl chrislubrecht@home.com
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 18:35:02 -0500

First, thanks for the help on IP sorting. I added it to the program and it 
runs great.

If it gets to the point I like it, I may post it here as an example of how 
-NOT- to do data reduction and generate statistical data on a million+ line 
file :)


I am still tinkering with other stuff too...

As a background, I have -0- programming experience and am learning both 
Python and programming from scratch. So far so good, however I am having 
problems understanding two things I need for something I am writing.

The first is getopt(). I just don't get it. Can someone give a better 
description of it, other than is presented in the module, (with examples 
too! :) )? I have tried that one, the O'Reily book and searching 
online..and I am still kinda lost...although I do know 
getopt(arg,option(,long options)) :)

The second, is I would like to add a config file to  program..something 
along the lines of an apache httpd.conf file, to specify directories and 
the like. I checked out ConfigParser...and I just dont get it..

Ok..so I am feeling moronic today :)

Any kind soul wanna hand hold a true newbie?

Thanks in advance..