[Tutor] [Q] Installing Python 2.2 on Redhat (fwd)

Danny Yoo dyoo@hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 20:22:33 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Rob McGee wrote:

> > > What happens when you try to install both at the same time?  Try:
> > >
> > >     rph -Uvh python2-*.rpm
> > 
> > I tried to double-click them in the Konqueror one by one and I got the
> > errors.
> > (I'm new to Redhat.) The Redhat linux installed on my computer does not have
> > "rph".
> > How can I solve it in this situation?
> "rph" is a typo. "rpm" is the correct program (Redhat Package
> Manager.) Don't click anything -- log in at the console or open some
> kind of X terminal ("Konsole" is a good choice.) Then type the
> command.

Thanks for the correction, and apologies for my mistake!  The keyboard
that I'm using at the moment is much stickier than the one back home.

'rpm' is the "Redhat Package Manager' --- it's what the Redhat Linux
distribution uses to manage all the software in its distribution.

> Note, I don't do RedHat so I can't help any more than this. I don't
> even know if the "-Uvh" parameters are correct. But you could look it
> up on your own by typing "man rpm" in the console (or Konsole.) Free
> software is all about empowering users to solve their own problems. :)

I picked up those set of parameters as a habit, but I think they stand

    -U: Upgrade
    -v: be Verbose about it
    -h: show Hash marks to indicate how much has been done.  This is
        like a progress bar.

Good luck to you!