[Tutor] Re: [Python-Help] Re...From PRJoshi

Alex Martelli aleaxit@yahoo.com
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 12:20:10 +0100

"Pravin Raj Joshi" <prjoshi@ntc.net.np> writes:
> What I want to do is change the icon of my windows. (I have inserted a
> of what I want to do!)
> Basically I want to change the TK icon with something else. I read
> it was not possible to change that for the root, but it was possible for
> toplevel.
> How to change that?

I think that, like all toplevel window-decoration issues, this too depends
on "negotiating" with the specific window-manager in use.  And I don't know
how this can be done from within Tkinter for Microsoft Windows in
or even if there is ANY way (without resorting to very low level, Windows
specific programming).

Perhaps posting to the general Python list, by letting many more people
see your question, might help you get a response.  Attachments are not
allowed.  Be specific about what window managers and system configurations
you need to support -- it probably does make a difference.