[Tutor] Building Python Source with Cygwin?

Kojo Idrissa kojo@hal-pc.org
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 22:44:25 -0600

I know this is sort of off-topic, but I figured someone here might know.

I recently installed a lot of the Cygwin stuff on my machine (GCC, etc...).

Can I take the Python source from any of my Linux CD's and build it for 
Win2K with Cygwin?  I'm pretty sure source is source, but I'm just 
wondering if I can now take any related source (SWIG, Jython, etc...) from 
anywhere and build it on my Win2K box or partition.  That would be 
helpful.  God knows I've got plenty of source CDs floating around...

Just wondering,

Kojo Idrissa