[Tutor] Building Python Source with Cygwin?

Kojo Idrissa kojo@hal-pc.org
Sat, 29 Dec 2001 09:14:00 -0600

At 12:46 AM 12/29/2001 -0500, "Grimmtooth" wrote:

>Unless you're doing it for jollies, there's already a Python.exe included
>with CygWin. But as I understand it, you can compile the *nix source with
>little or no modification.

Yeah, pretty much for jollies.  I've recently been playing with the "build 
your own binary with different options turned on " features of software (ie 
build Python 1.5.2 with thread support under Linux).  Just wondering if I'd 
be able to do the same type of stuff on my Win2K box/partition now that 
I've got the GNU development tools installed there.

Actually, it seems like this could be another selling point for Python (and 
most Free/Open software) to be used on Win32 platforms...the ability to get 
customized versions at no cost (free/cheap source with free/cheap 
development tools to build the source).  Not a new idea of course, but it's 
my first time playing with this stuff on my Win partition.

Anyway, enough with the Free Software discussion.  Back to Python.  Thanks 
for the response.  You too Danny.

Kojo Idrissa