[Tutor] ARG! @$^@$%@@$! isp email server...

Kirk Bailey highprimate@howlermonkey.net
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 18:2:27 -0500

Oy Gevalt. MUTHA.

My isp's email server is down, AGAIN, since around 2:30 am. fortunately, here at HowlerMonkey we aspire 
to superior uptime ratios, and achive them by BoB by damn by yes.

oh say is the now. cgi-wiz around, for my brains are confuused, and my fingers now are brused.
webform2 is the task, and it sits on it's ass,
blowing errors for all, and my skills here are quite small.

Should I post the thing or point you at a web page that includes it?

also have a web page with the web error log on display.

As these are ssi, they are instant by instant updates and are CURRENT.
(ssi and html I got down fair to decent by now.)


In total confusion,
                   Kirk D Bailey

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