[Tutor] need a little help

Oliverio Sierra oliveriosierra@hotmail.com
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 06:09:10 +0000

hi, i just downloaded and started studying python a few days ago. it's also 
the first language i have studied. i am currently writing my first 
semi-complicated(at least for me) program and i hit a dead end.  my program 
goes a little like this:

-there is a menu with 3 choices
-then a user = input() statement
-then an if, 2 elif, and an else statements

i can go into any of the 3 choices, but only once. i need to be able to go 
into them several times. i have read everything i could find on the net, but 
had no succes.  i know there is a way for the program to cycle back to where 
my user = input() statement is.  i apreshiate your help and time. thank you.

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