[Tutor] ERROR using "BuildApplication"

dman dsh8290@rit.edu
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 17:25:11 -0500

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 09:14:23PM +0100, Francisco Moreno Rivilla wrote:
| hi all,
| Im a newbee, Ive just writtem my first MAC-app. ("Hello World"), but I
| cant compile it; using "BuildApplication" I always get the following
| ERROR-message:

Python is interpreted.  You don't compile it.

| Please help me! Im working on an i-MAC G3/233 160MB RAM, OS 8.6 and
| PYTHON 2.2

| Ive read in the spanish MACWORLD that you cant build standalone-apps with
| Python, you always need to compile with CODEWARRIER... true?

You can build packages or installers to assist in shipping your app to
people who don't have python already installed.  There are a few
(immature) projects to try and convert python source to native machine
code, but I don't recommend attempting to use these until you are
familiar with both python and C and the intracicies of compiling
non-trivial applications.  I would also be surprised if CodeWarrior
could compile a python program.

Are you using MacOS X?  If so then that should be the easiest to work
with.  Just open a shell (eg tcsh or bash) and type "python".  If that
works you can follow unix instructions for running your programs (you
know that OSX is a unix system with a macintosh gui).  If you are
using any other MacOS (or don't want to get into shells on OSX) then
you need to check with some Mac people to learn how to run python
programs.  I haven't touched a Mac in ages and have never administered
one myself.



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