[Tutor] Path problems python 2.0

The Conways conways5@earthlink.net
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 19:30:09 -0800

To set the path in Win98k, I used SET PYTHONPATH=C:\PYTHON20\MYPYTHON in the
It worked and I am able to use import prog.py.

Next I tried to execute commands from the MS-DOS command prompt.  I used
SET PATH=C:\PYTHON20;%PATH% in the autoexec.bat.  At the C prompt I typed
python hello.py, I received the following error message from dos:
C:\PYTHON20\PYTHON.EXE:  can't open file 'hello.py.
Next I tried typing python from the C prompt and it did start the PYTHON
command prompt.

By the way Alan Gauld's book, "Learning to Program Using Python" is
excellent for beginners.

Now for a Linux question.  Python 1.52 came with our Mandrake 7.2
installation.  So I am also learning some linux as well as python.  My
question is where do you keep your py scripts in Linux, the file system is
so organized that I am not really sure where to put things.